I started taking photos when I received my first camera in 1970. My photography has taken a three-pronged, but related path:

  • I take photos pf people, often not in the studio. Usually, these photos are taken outdoors, in an interesting location. I like the challenge of producing photos that present the person in a flattering way, whether they are an attractive young woman or a time-worn old man.
  • I take cave photos, because the amazing beauty of caves provides a wonderful, challenging working environment.
  • I follow scientists to all kinds of interesting surface locations as well, both in the field and in the lab. I love the challenge of finding out how to show the science and the scientist in a way that makes the science clear as well as shows the scientist in, shall we say, a good light.

You can find samples of my work on my portfolio page, Sexy Albuquerque, and my One Model Place portfolio; I am OMP#190777.